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We are ready for the challenge:
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With more than 60 employees and a 2,500 m2 facility, our company produces about 24,000,000 dental floss bobbins every year. We started producing dental floss 20 years ago and are among the most important contract manufacturers in Europe.

Our flosses are sold internationally and our flexibility helps us to satisfy most requests  - floss on spools or bobbins, assembled in  a container, shelf-ready products, varying quantities etc . We are ready for the challenge: Put us to the test!

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Our biggest gratification: we never have to say "That's impossible"

We are proud to have among our customers both important brands as well as big chains,  who both reward us with their ongoing trust. Many of our customers have been with us since the beginning and inspire us with their ideas and challenges.  We take great pride in never having to say “it’s impossible”.

Customers include the following : Trisa, Splat, Pierre Fabre, Periproducts, Banat, Fuchs, Dr Tung’s, Tau Marin, Mira Ponzini, Ideco, Coswell, Silver Care Piave, Curaden IT.

It's up to you!

In addition to our traditional flosses (Nylon, PTFE, Silk) we have developed and patented several innovative products such as our Riser® Expanding floss which expands due to mechanical action, and is the only floss that is clinically tested.

Other recent innovations are our Nylon floss with a silver filament (antibacterial action), Expanding floss with microfiber (very soft and highly efficient) and "embossed" PTFE which is as flexible as normal PTFE but more efficient due to its micro-perforated surface.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification guarantees highest quality to our customers. Currently we are studying further innovations based on our continuous research and development.