Dental floss? It’s our passion!

The production of dental floss requires a lot of attention in all its phases.

We have around 40 machines available to produce our bobbins and a team made of about 100 people that, every day, with devotion and passion, strive to make that dream of a brighter future come true: a world of shiny smiles, the best oral care experience ever.

Exclusive advanced technology allows us to reach a production capacity of 40 million pieces per year through cost capitalization.

When it comes to creating a new dental floss project, we stand out for our consolidated protocols and processes, proven to actively involve and reassure our customers at any stage of their dental floss project development, avoiding missing information and delays in every phase.

Our products are sold all over the world and our flexibility allows us to satisfy most requests, such as floss on spools or bobbins, assembled in a container, shelf-ready products.

Some of the brands we produce for:

We are ready for the dental floss challenge. Put us to the test!

Explore our Company Profile to discover our greatest passion – none other than dental floss!

The passion for dental floss started more than 30 years ago, when a young and ambitious couple, Elena Longoni and Ciro Lai, opened their first workshop in Trieste. This is where the first dental floss bobbins rolled out and were sold to dental distributors in 1994.

Elena and Ciro strongly believed in the dream that they could offer a flossing experience like never before. In 1997, they closed their workshop on the Adriatic Sea to pursue a new dream: a new factory in Sesto San Giovanni.

As time went by, market demands and their skills grew hand in hand, so that they needed to move again to Cassina De' Pecchi and then to Brugherio, where, together with their daughter and son, they still run the company today.

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion and ProfiMed has found its “element” in dental floss

Our mission is to be the reference point for all companies, brands, large-scale distribution brands, pharmacy chains and creative and dynamic start-ups who want to stand out for the quality, customization and eco-sustainability of their dental floss, designed and built on the specific needs of the most demanding customers and distribution channels.

Our goals meet our values

  1. Establishing ourselves as a leading sustainable and advanced technology company
  2. Granting the highest quality standards existing on the market today
  3. Offering versatility and reliability
  4. Being passionate about our customer’s success and building a trustworthy and transparent long-term relationship
  5. Offering a totally integrated system of research, creativity and manufacturing processes
  6. Caring about profitability as the mechanism to drive growth and impact, while keeping products competitive and affordable at all stages.

Our “how” for a unique dental floss

Our knowledge and experience has turned us into the largest and most unique European dental floss contract manufacturer.

A fully-fledged in-house service “from product briefing to shipment" is the core of our success.

We are able to care about all our international customers in more than 30 countries, where we export 90% of our production.

Our vision
is green

PLANET: Eco-friendly manufacturing for the lowest possible environmental footprint. Our top-notch sun-powered factory is built with the latest technology advancements in mind.

PEOPLE: Socially responsible in the choice of an unparalleled array of eco-friendly yarns, ingredients and packaging which will blow your mind and make you dream of a fantastic future in harmony with mother nature.

PROFESSIONAL: Evidence-based innovations endorsed by professionals to provide consumers with the confidence to make the switch to a sustainable future.


We pride ourselves in boasting the latest and most updated quality certifications, such as:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 22716:2007
  • IFS-HPC 2016
  • FDA 21 cfr 820