Wooden container: elegant, resistant, sustainable

Nuovo Orthodontic Floss ProfiMed

Wood is elegance, resistance, quality and sustainability.

It is time to plant your roots in new experiences!

We developed a container that will give your brand the luxury it deserves.

Fancy a wooden container?

When sustainability meets high quality, elegance, resistance and exclusivity, this is where our wooden container was born. It is made from beech tree, the cornerstone of Europe’s silviculture. In fact, this kind of wood is very resistant to scratching. The container is designed in a way that can be super easy to open and to refill. No more trade-off between quality and capacity: this marvellous gem can fit up to 30 m of recycled Riser® or 50 m of silk floss. Do not forget: our container is FSC-approved! Forests are managed in a sustainable way. Long live healthy woods!

ProfiMed's future is green, we strongly believe we can make the difference. What about you? Are you ready to join us on this sustainable and life-changing journey?

Soft Floss: soft and fresh as a snowflake

Nuovo Soft Floss ProfiMed

Tired of your old and stiff winterish floss?

What about that dull flavour?

ProfiMed has got the solution for you: our new Soft Floss is designed to deliver the quintessence of our flossing experience right to your teeth.
Its incredible smooth texture is truly what your mouth has been waiting for.

The expanded fibers clean where no toothbrush will ever reach.
Choose among an unparalleled and unprecedented array of aromas to make your mouth rejoice and burst in flavours!

Your mouth will thank you like never before. Enjoy!


Orthofloss: a successful technology

Nuovo Orthodontic Floss ProfiMed

Great for both professionals and final consumers, our Orthofloss is good for implants, bridges and brackets.

Comfortable and easy to use, this orthodontic floss deeply cleans where no other dental floss will ever reach and it is also fantastic to scare off plaque.

FDA standard

MDD Expo

With the goal of satisfying the demands of our growing US customer base, ProfiMed has launched an ambitious updating plan to comply with FDA’s GMP standards (21 cfr).