Research & Development

All-In-One: innovative, smart, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly


All-In-One is a completely new concept for blister-packing dental floss: there is no need for a plastic container because the packaging itself is the floss container.

The blister can contain 1 or 2 bobbins and up to 100m of floss per bobbin.

Every single blister allows us to save up to 20g of plastic.

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Riser® Expanding Floss

Riser® Expanding floss before and after use

Our Riser® Expanding floss, made of textured polyester expands between the teeth due to mechanical action. This high performance floss works even in cases of xerostomia.

It is the only clinically tested floss: better cleansing performance

Riser® Expanding with microfiber

A further development to our Riser® Expanding floss, using a soft microfiber thread, for a perfectly clean sensation


Nylon floss twisted with a pure silver filament.

The antibacterial properties of silver have been well-known since ancient times.

Download pdf of analisys.


A completely biodegradable floss and packaging: the floss is pure silk; the plastic core contains a special ingredient that allows the plastic to degrade in 3 years; the All-in-One blister is made from PLA (polylactic acid, derived from corn starch) and the blister card is made of recycled paper

Ptfe Embossed

The future of PTFE: a mono-filament tape with micro-perforations that can give you both the benefits of the PTFE (a very smooth and flat material) and a higher cleansing action compared to normal PTFE.